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Trade Alerts for the serious trader.

Seriously, if you are serious about day trading and making some money you MUST sing up to this guy’s news letter and start getting his TRADE ALERTS on a daily basis.

Without trade alerts  you’ve got nothing. Plain an simple.

The best thing about this trade alerts that it doesn’t just tell you what to trade but also HOW to trade. Because of course if you don’t know where your entry, exit is going to be or where you are going to cut losses (which is all important factor as you probably know already) you will get burned and wiped out before you know it.

You can have the best trade alerts back you up BUT if you don’t have a good set of rules and have the discipline to execute those rules you will be out of this game pretty quickly.

Of course you can have trade alerts from everywhere. But I don’t want just any kind of trade alerts. I want the very best I can find. And that’s exactly I signed up with this Super’s Trade Alerts.

His trade alerts are perfectly aligned with my schedule. You see I don’t trade full time, do this only part time and since his trade alerts include long term positions (swing) I’m not forced into staring at the computer screen watching every up tick of a my stocks.

This Trade Alerts Subscription has LIVE CHAT 

This is a huge one folks.

You are going to be trading with some killer trading dudes here.

They themselves are sharing their own trade alerts as well. Not only that but they explain why they picked a certain stock, what the entry is , where the exit is going to be, when to take profits and when to cut losses.

I had been searching for decent trade alerts for a long time and I’m glad that I’m sticking to these trade alerts because they make me bank! You are worthy enough, you too deserve the best!





Worthy Enough | Am I, Really?


You ARE worthy enough

worthy enoughLimiting  beliefs are the core reason why you’re not getting where you want to get.

It make sense to set these deep, core beliefs straight so they don’t hold you back when you are reaching for the stars.

Especially if you’ve adopted English as second language (like myself) this online endeavour may seem like a quite bumpy ride.

You, see when I stared out online I had a very strong limiting belief about my own worthiness.

As I kept learning I came across with some heavy hitters on the internet who were absolutely crushing it. They were building serious downlines in months, becoming top earners and industry leaders within a year, making 7 figures annually.

….and I started comparing myself to them…..which is a BIG mistake. (Don’t ever do that!)

My inner mantra went something like this:

…. I could never do what they are doing….

…how on Earth are they getting those many signups???…..

…It’s easy for them; they were born here….and that’s why people listen to them. Their stories resonate with their audience…..

…..It’s easy for them, and hard for me …..poor me :( ……

Those are very dis-empowering assumptions, which sooner or later create limiting beliefs. Soon a new unconscious limiting belief took root in my mind :

I’m NOT worthy enough.

I’m here to tell you that is a bunch of garbage. It’s just a story that you keep telling yourself, until you take it as an absolute fact.

I want you to drop this “I’m not worthy enough” monologue once and for all.

Why would you do anything online if you don’t think you are worthy enough?

If you take a good look at the members of the network marketing industry, you will find plenty of people who are either immigrants or living outside of the US and still killing it.

There are guys who were born here, struggled for looooooong years, but once they believed they’re worthy enough they managed to turn things around and became  millionaires. Here is a dude who did just that in less than 2 years doing 3 simple things. Watch his story HERE!

What does it tell you?

It simply means that those successful industry leaders are NOT buying into the I’m not worthy b.s.. They decided to make things happen and they don’t allow anybody or anything to get in the way to reach the success they are after.

If we can do it, so can you.

We are not more talented, smarter or special in any way.

The only thing that sets us apart is our vision; we know what ‘s possible.

Anything is possible for those who believe

So, believe that you are worthy enough.

Now, go and tell others!



It took me quite some time until I figured it out but after talking to hundreds of leads, it came to me that:

…..What your prospects really care about is NOT…………



…your company’s product


…the comp plan.

The only thing your prospects care about is “what’s in it for THEM“.

Do you remember why you joined your MLM company? It wasn’t because you were so sight about the product, or the founders of the company. You could care less about any of those things.

You joined because you believed that through this MLM company you can realize your dreams, right?

So the real questions that your prospects are thinking about and ask themselves are:

  • Is this person (you) really a leader?
  • Can I trust him?
  • Can he help me?
  • Does this opportunity (your MLM company) can HELP ME to make more money?
  •  Do I want to be like him?
  •  Do I want to be associated with him?
  •  Can I do what he does?
  •  Is this really for me?

These are the real concerns your prospects are faced before joining you.

The questions is: Can you position yourself as a leader to influence your prospects to make a decision?

I believe that once you know where they are at, it is a lot easier to think with their heads and “feel” their pain and concerns.

There is a another post I wrote about “getting to know your prospects” by walking in their shoes. It’s really a cool exercise. Read it HERE!

Of course, you’ve probably figured that your warm market (friends and family) is NOT the place where you are going to build a massive organization from. You have to learn how to generate your own MLM leads, your own prospects. Once you know how to do that you will have hot prospects to practice your phone skills and your closing techniques.

Learn How to Generate YOUR Super HOT MLM LEADS!

Tel: 925.381.5533
Skype: akosfintor

P.S. If You Don’t Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Generating More Leads, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many) Click Here For Instant Access

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The Ultimate Fails Compilation

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